II Employment Fair of the University of Málaga

GAP AUDITORS WAS PRESENT AT THE II EMPLOYMENT FAIR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MALAGA. Last May 4th, the II Employment Fair organized by the University of […]

Tax on electricity

The development of any economic activity entails the payment of the corresponding taxes. Some of them are known to be paid in a specific way, such […]

Control and Transparency of the Public Sector

In the preamble of the Transparency Act of 2013, 3 purposes are established, to increase and reinforce transparency in public activity, recognize and guarantee access to […]

The Real Estate Sector in Mijas and Fuengirola to debate

Last Thursday, June 2, the day of the Fuengirola-Mijas Viva Forum was held. On this occasion the Real Estate Sector in Mijas and Fuengirola was debated, […]

IV National Forum of Small and Medium Audit Firms

On September 28 and 29, the IV National Forum of Small and Medium Audit Firms was held in Seville, organized by the REA + REGA Auditors […]

Municipal Capital Gains Tax (Pluvalia Tax)

The plenum of the Constitutional Court has considered the unconstitutionality question promoted by the Contentious-Administrative Court number 1 of Jerez de la Frontera in relation to […]

“Loneliness”: Key to success!

It is not strange for us the phrase "I do not have time"  to justify that we cannot take care of family, friends, leisure, sports, etc., […]

Criminal compliance | Ethics and Social Responsibility

In 2010, the Criminal Code introduced the possibility for legal persons to respond criminally for crimes committed by their managers or employees. The regulation has been […]

Ranking of Audits 2015 | Source: Expansión

The medium-sized companies maintain the pulse of the sector and improve a 4.3%   UP TO 569 MILLONS | The sector as a whole increased its turnover […]

Anti-intrusion clauses | Enterprise

The Capital Companies Act of 2010 establishes the mechanisms for transferring shares or participations. Within this law, two cases are distinguished: limited companies, where the shares […]