Economic Training

Experience in practical training in Malaga and Andalusia

The strong commitment with professionalization and practical training that the economic environment of Malaga and Andalusia needs is materialized through our School through the organization of training programs (Masters, Courses, Seminars and Conferences). Our philosophy is to count with the experience, fundamentally practical, of the most qualified and prestigious professionals and turn the School into a magnificent dynamic element of our economy. Quality training to grow professionally.

The experience and accumulated successes in the organization and management of training programs over more than fifteen years, as well as the institutional support and the support of companies and professionals of recognized prestige, endorse this project. Our commitment goes beyond help in the learning of subjects: we want to get involved and be able to be part of their projects and professional works. A symbiosis that makes us grow and permanently improve.

In addition to the field of training, the qualification of our professional auditors and collaborators, including account auditors and lawyers, makes us specialists in the provision of accounting, financial audit, bankruptcy and marketing (strategic planning of companies), among others.

  • Professional Masters.
  • University Expert Courses.
  • Congresses.
  • Professional conferences.
  • Practical training courses.
  • Online courses.
  • Magazines and Publications.