Auditor of accounts

  • Bachelor in Business Management and Administration from the University of Malaga.
  • Economist, incorporated to the Economists’ Association of Malaga.
  • Account auditor.
  • Member of the Official Register of Account Auditors.
  • Graduated in Law from the University of Nebrija.
  • Expert Degree in Account Auditing by the University of Malaga, approved by the Institute of Accounting and Audit of Accounts (ICAC).
  • Member of the Audit Committee of the Association of Economists of Malaga.
  • Master in Business Viability in the Creditors’ Competition by the University of Malaga.
  • Intensive Program in Business Management (P.I.D.E.) at San Telmo International Institute.
  • Expert Degree in Management and Administration of Local Public Entities taught by C.O.S.I.T.A.L. and the Association of Economists of Malaga.
  • He is a Full Professor of the University as Expert in Auditing and Accounting of the Universities of Málaga and Almería, approved by the ICAC.

Professional Career

Since 2003, it has been part of the auditing firm GRUPO DE AUDITORES PÚBLICOS, S.A., considered among the 20 most important firms in Spain and with delegations in the main cities of our geography.

In May 2009, he became a partner in Málaga’s law firm, a period from which he directed the Audit Department, as well as he was acting as insolvency administrator in sanitation and viability processes for various companies in different sectors such as hotels, construction or services