Member of the Board of Directors

  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Auditor of accounts registered in the Official Register of Account Auditors (ROAC)
  • Expert Degree in Auditing of Accounts by the University of Malaga, approved by the Institute of Accounting and Audit of Accounts (ICAC)
  • Master in Business Viability in the Creditors’ Competition by the University of Málaga
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Operations by Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Bachelor in Economic and Business Sciences (Business Section) by the University of Almería
  • Member of the Economists Auditors’ Registry
  • Member of the Tax Adviser Economists’ Register (REAF-REGAF)
  • Teacher in various courses approved by the I.C.A.C. in collaboration with the University of Malaga and various colleges of economists. Coauthor of the Audit Manual published by Francis Lefebvre Editions
  • Member of the Governing Board of the Economists’ College of Almería

Professional Career

More than fifteen years of professional experience in Accounts Auditing and business consulting.
Member of the Board of Directors of Grupo de Auditores Públicos, S.A.P.